15 Jul, 2018
Xiom OMEGA VII Pro Rubber

Equipment Specialist Team

Omega 7 Pro

For a powerful,  topspin centric advance game, the new Omega VII Pro delivers one of the best responses. Combined with a strong catapault effect and a grippy surface, this rubber is best suited from middle to far distance from the table The hardness feels around 45-47.5°   One of the best  striking feature of this rubber is the ability to hit the incoming topspun ball with powerful counter-spin with ease while being forgiving.  This feature is very impressive and can be found in the likes of Butterfly Tenergy 05, and Rasanter R47,

So in short:

 If you want a grippy rubber with powerful topspins and ease of counter-spin, this is the rubber for you.

Being released in early 2018, this rubber is well optimized to play with the 40+ poly balls.  A very offensive rubber yet forgiving.  A must have in your arsenal. 

Recomemended esp for Forehand Play.  Can be used for Backhand as well, if your backhand topspins arcs are oriented towards medium to flat arcs as opposed to  loopy spins for which a softer rubber would be preferred!

Equipment set-up used for testing:

1) Xiom Zetro Quad with FH and BH both Xiom Omega 7 pro

2) Butterfly Timoboll ALC with FH- Omega 7 pro and BH- Xiom Omega IV Pro

15 Jul, 2018
Donic BlueStorm Z1

Equipment Specialist Team at IndiaPlays

Rated as one of the best rubbers for offensive style of modern play. The BlueStorm series rubbers esp. the Z1 are truly the next generation of rubbers meant for poly balls. The Z1 rubber produces a lot of speed without any loss of spin. This is a tensor-type rubber (mid-hard feel) and produces big top-spins and loops and excels especially from mid-far end of the table game. Blocking may require some practice but over time it is easily controllable as well.  If you desire a more controlled rubber in the BlueStorm Series Z2 (slightly softer feel) is your answer,  but the extra control will slightly tone-down the aggressiveness that the BlueStorm Z1 brings. 

IndiaPlays Verdict-  Go For BlueStorm Z1, one of the finest modern rubbers we have played with and with time you will learn to tame this beast as well.   In case you require a more controlled rubber with slightly less aggressive/offensive game, then go for Z2.

Equipment/s used for the review:

Xiom Feel ZX2 Blade.       FH - Donic BlueStorm Z1 and Z2.                          BH- Xiom Omega V Pro

Xiom Feel ZX1 Blade.       FH- Donic Bluestorm Z1                                         BH- Rakza 7


20 Sep, 2017
DHS Gold Arc 8 (47.5)

Inder Kalra

Review By Equipment  Expert @IndiaPlaysTT: 
Equipment tested:
Blade- Butterfly Primorac Carbon
FH rubber - DHS Gold Arc 8 (47.5)
BH rubber-  Rakza 7
As an advanced player, my first instinct was an excellent grippy rubber for offensive counter-attack and topspins.  The ball made a nice crisp topspin which was wonderful to watch.  Slightly low on control, although when you compare with MXP-evolution, or Rakza 9 it was on a higher side.   Although this is a DHS rubber, this rubber doesnt have tackiness unlike most traditional DHS rubbers. This rubber is made in Germany and is an excellent replacement of Tenergy 05. In my views I found it better than Tenergy 05 in terms of control and the longevity of the rubber.
DHS has got this rubber right and it sure is going to gain popularity in Indian Market. 

25 Jan, 2019
RAKZA Series- Chose according to your GameStyle!

Equipment Specialist Team

Yasaka Rakza-line consists of five different table tennis rubbers - each one with different playing characteristics. Mattias Karlsson member of the Swedish National Team helps you to choose the Rakza rubber that suits you best.


4 different Rakza rubbers:

The range consists of 3 different rubbers – all with their own unique playing characteristics:

Rakza X – for maximum grip

Rakza 9 – for maximum speed

Rakza 7 – for maximum spin

Rakza 7 Soft – for maximum feeling